The Frenched-Off Pissman's Festival on the Ramington Liver

“Do you not see what I go through every week?” -- Chad Knaus

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 [x]Manda the Magnificent
 [x]Mahopac, NY
 [x]Happily taken by my Panda
 [x]Table stolen from her as well :-)
 [x]Water resources engineer
 [x]Role Player
 [x]Colorado Avalanche fan
 [x]New York Yankees fan
 [x]5, 9, 12, 20, and 38 fan
 [x]Closet 16 and 48 fan
 [x]Loves listening to Chad Knaus swear
 [x]Geetar player
 [x]Writer extraodinare

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And that's all I've got to say
Can't think of a better way
And that's all I've got to say
I love you, is that okay?
My body's in NY, but my 's in PA 06.29.05
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Oh, and just remember, kids: if you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning.

The Meat and Potatoes:
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"Emo isn't some whinny cry-baby wussy boy with an accoustic guitar and too many feelings (Chris Carraba, Pedro the Lion). People need to stop labling these neo-folkies as emo bands and call them what they really are...dirty hippies. Most of those skinny boys in tight t-shirts aren't tough enough to be in a REAL emo band. Does anyone remember the term "college rock"? Pavement? Sebedoh? That's right...sweater wearin', floor starin', self loathing indie rockers ("Look at me. I'm so smart because I hang out in coffee shops and talk about independent movies and bands you've never heard of.") Good Charlotte isn't a punk band and Dashboard Confessional isn't emo. Sounds like someone needs an a** kicking."
NASCAR.com: Do you feel guilty winning at Lowe's Motor Speedway so much?
Chad Knaus: Hell no!
"It will by the time we're done today." -- Chad Knaus
"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you." -- A.A. Milne
"Nothing says comedy like 'portable crystal meth lab'." -- Moby
"I talked more with J.J. [Yeley] than with Denny [Hamlin]. You don't have to tell Denny anything. It's like a younger clone of me -- just not quite as good looking." -- Tony Stewart
Woman: Elliott Sadler's trying to do Atkins. What d'you eat as part of a healthy diet?
Tony Stewart: Diet? *grabs tummy and shakes* Look at this stomach!
Panda: That guy needs to be shot, and put out of our misery.
Meg: I'd do anything for you, even Jeremy Mayfield.
Meg: If I ever grow a penis I promise I'll fuck you.
Meg: I'm telling you, without you in my life, I wouldn't appreciate the glory of an e-make out session.
Me: dude! oh man, I wanna write hot pool sex with Elliott
Hannah: haha
Hannah: your plot bunnies are fuckin'?
Hannah: dude, are they humping like rabbits?
"Y'know what that smells like? New carpet." -- Amanda
"Lemme see. *sniffs* You know what that smells like to me?" -- me
"Greg Biffle?" -- Roxanne
Hannah: I love Hermie.
Hannah: But my fave Sadler is Ell Jr.
Me: mine too
Hannah: I'm gonna send fan mail to Ell Jr.
Hannah: "Dear Ell Jr. - Thank you for always being happy to see us."
"I'm not all that down with Tupac, but I give him props, if you will." -- Anderson Cooper
"I love watching Indy let Houston tie the game at the half and *then* start playing. It's like playing R.C. Pro-AM on the old NES - at some point, the yellow car would just get pissed and take off. There was nothing you could do about it." -- Barry
soltantosogni: chin up lady, else you'll get slammed on the ice like that fool whose name I can't remember ...and that, would be bad
panda_check: I wouldn't want to climb out of Jeff Gordon's car. I'd get syphillis or something.
panda_check: The only thing more evil than Jeff Gordon is Hoboken, New Jersey.
evilsenshi: and Chad goes to reach for the shampoo and "accidentally" falls on Alan, pushing both of their hot sweaty bodies together and they start grinding each other like fifteen year old boys watching porno for the first time
evilsenshi: lmao!! I wanna lick his nipples somethin' fierce!
Me: ROFL I think I just died a little
evilsenshi: don't lie, you wanna lick the Kenseth tits too!
evilsenshi: lmao you are a nerd! you're a Knaus nerd!
lissachicka: At least let me have ceremonial sex with [Tony Stewart] first, before you cut off his hoohoo!
lissaj2094: I don't care how hard she's banging Evernham, [Erin Crocker] needs to take a break and just stay home for a while.
starburst485: The whole city [New Orleans]'s like dinner and a show!
stickhandleme: I'm so ready to get my drink on with some Hugh Laurie action, it's not even funny.
panda_check: Haha Andy does dirty things with Charo. ;)
dreamofcolors: And anyway, I'm not really sure [Chad Knaus] could be any sexier. It would probably be a criminal offense.
stickhandleme: 'Cause I want to see my hot jelly doughnut of a boyfriend.

Jeffy: What does "woe" mean?
Daria: It's like the feeling you'd get if the Super Bowl were preempted by "Antiques Roadshow".
Joey: Whoa.
Daria: See?

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I married Kasey Kahne @ marry_a_driver
I married Elliott Sadler @ marry_someone
I claimed Kyle Busch, Chad Knaus, his clipboard, Pocono Raceway, and Elliott Sadler's hair @ nascarclaims360
I claimed Elliott Sadler's piece @ claim_a_cock (thanks panda_check :-D)

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Kasey Kahne is love.

Anderson Cooper is Gunmetal Grey love.
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Elliott Sadler is melts in your mouth not in your hand love.

Chad Knaus is bald, sexy, and über-smart love.